Posh British Slang Meaning & Definition with 10 Examples

The UK is an incredibly diverse country. With all the people living there, it’s only to be expected that numerous different ways of speaking have cropped up.

One word you might hear describing a certain subset of the population is “posh.” If you’ve never heard it before, it’s natural to wonder what it means.

In this post, we’re going to cover the meaning of posh in British slang. Not only will we explain what the word itself means and how to use it, though – we’ll also give you some examples of things and terms that are considered posh.

What Does Posh Mean in British Slang?

There are tons of terms in British slang that are negative, such as British slang insults. Posh, however, is a word that can have both a positive and a negative meaning.

The first meaning is essentially elegant. Posh implies that something is expensive, high in quality, and looks great. You may also apply it to a wealthy individual.

On the other hand, posh can be derogatory when used sarcastically. In the US, we might describe a wealthy person as being stuck up or snobby – posh can be used in the same sense in the UK.

Examples of How to Use Posh

Before we give you some examples of terms that are posh, let’s look at the word posh itself and how to use it in sentences. As we discussed above, there are positive and negative connotations to the word.

If you’d like to use posh as a positive method of describing something classy, you might say: “Look at these posh new clothes a bought!”

Now, on the flipside, you might want to use posh to classify someone as uppity or snobby. In that case, you may say something like, “Don’t pretend you’re too posh to spend time with me.”

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Posh British Slang Words

Posh isn’t just a slang word in and of itself. There are slang words and phrases that can also be described as posh themselves.

Here are some posh words and phrases that may call to mind elegance, refinement, and possibly even stuffiness.



  • (Noun): Something that is garbage or nonsense.
  • Example: “Why, that’s a load of poppycock!”

By Jove


  • (Exclamation): This is a posh equivalent to “oh, my god.” You can use this to indicate excitement, disgust, or shock.
  • Example: “By Jove, you’ve done it! You’ve invented the cure!”

Feeling Absolutely No Pain Whatsoever


  • (Expression): A somewhat delicate, elegant way to indicate that you are drunk.
  • Example: “After a few pints, I’m pleased to say that I’m feeling absolutely no pain whatsoever.”

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  • (Adjective): This is a word you use for emphasis, much like saying “really” or “very.” In British slang, you might say it’s the equivalent to bloody.
  • Example: “You’re jolly well going to use your best manners, or else I’ll have to punish you!”



  • (Adjective): Extremely beautiful or attractive.
  • Example: “By Jove, I think you must be the most ravishing woman I’ve ever seen.”



  • (Noun): Someone or something that’s uninteresting.
  • Example: “I hope I’m not invited to Eva’s soiree next weekend. Her events are always a dreadful bore.”

Pip Pip


  • (Expression): An old-fashioned way of saying good-bye. It’s not very common anymore, but it used to be reasonably well-known.
  • Example: “Pip pip, Mistress. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.”



  • (Adjective): A way to describe anything that’s supremely unpleasant.
  • Example: “Your behavior has been absolutely beastly.”



  • (Noun): A conundrum or an issue.
  • Example: “Well, I must say I’m in quite a bind at the moment. Care to lend me a hand?”



  • (Noun): In the UK, it’s more common to say arse than ass, but some posh people may still use ass to label an idiot.
  • Example: “Thomas is an absolute ass.”

Wrap Up

Now you’ll understand what posh means the next time you hear the term. Should you decide you’d like to feel a little posh yourself, feel free to try out some of the posh vocabulary we included above.

We can almost guarantee your friends and family will be marveling over how fancy you sound in no time!

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