British Slang Fanny Meaning with Examples

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English is a language spoken all over the world. Given how widespread it is, it shouldn’t be surprising that a single word can have tons of meanings depending on where it’s said.

Even from the US to the UK, a single word can have multiple meanings. Geezer is a great example of this – it’s insulting in the US, and not necessarily the same in British slang.

Fanny is another example of this variation. In the US, it probably makes you think of a meek way of referring to someone’s butt. It has a totally different meaning in the UK.

Before you say it, we’ll explain the meaning of fanny in British slang. That way, you’ll know how to use it properly and if you should even use it in your own daily conversations.

What Does Fanny Mean in British Slang?

Fanny is a surprisingly offensive word. If you live in the United States, this could be especially shocking to you, because you’ve likely only ever heard it said in referral to someone’s rear end.

However, in British slang, fanny is quite a bit more graphic. That’s because it’s used to describe a woman’s genitalia.

Given that people have a fascination with the human anatomy, we can understand why there is so much slang to refer to body parts. Check out our list of slang words for penis to see what we mean.

Examples of How to Use Fanny

In British slang, fanny is fairly graphic. We recommend being cautious and respectful in your use of the word – make sure you don’t use it in formal settings.

That being said, in a sentence, you may hear it like this: “She got kicked right in the fanny and fell over.”

You may also hear someone being vulgar with it, such as the following: “She loves to show her fanny off to people online.”

Wrap Up

The most innocent-sounding words can have very adult meanings. That’s why we think it’s of the utmost importance to research the definition of a new term prior to utilizing it on your own.

Fanny is an excellent example of this. However, slapper is another British slang word that sounds more innocuous than it actually is.

 If you’d like to learn more insulting British slang terms, read our comprehensive list of British slang insults.

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